Bored? There’s some crAPP for that.


These days, much is being written about the mega money app acquisitions. Taking a break from thinking about what I would do with $19 billion (I certainly wouldn’t buy WhatsAPP), I decided to visit the app store to test the new truth: “there’s an APP for that”. As I navigated through the plethora of apps, I came across some truly bizarre and obscure apps …

Will You Marry Me

Marriage on your mind? She’ll be telling friends, family and strangers alike about that special day that you got down on one knee … and passed her your phone. Just one catch, she has to be fluent in wingdings.

will you marry me app

And if this romantic app proposal doesn’t melt her heart, there’s an appropriate advertisement for you to find singles. Right.



Getting to the top of the APP store can be a long and expensive journey. In the case of YO, it took ~8 hours of development time. The app is simple, it allows you to send the two letter message to other YOsers. Sources claim that investors are lining up a $2M offer to the creators. One can only hope that the money won’t be spent adding two additional letters, “LO”. Over to you Stephen Colbert:


Electric Shaver

Works as advertised, except for the actual shaving bit. It’s quite easy to use:



1) Turn on the shaver by pressing the on button

2) Put the humming vibrating phone against your face

3) Have a reality check and feel somewhat foolish



Baby Translator

screen568x568Can’t speak Babynese? No problem. Cry translator uses Subliminal Tonal Vibrations (STV’s) to tell you if your baby is hungry, thirsty, in need of a change or simply wants you to put down your phone and give it some attention. Do not shirk your parental responsibilities, buy this app for only $1.99.




Have one that you would like to share?


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