Divesh Mirani is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the market research industry.   He began his career as a programmer, based out of London U.K, with the primary focus on online quantitative data collection. Over time, his contribution in Senior Management and Leadership roles have spurred new more engaging online survey techniques and designs, facilitating the transition to mobile research.   Divesh is a solutions driven, client-focused individual with years of experience in Managing global teams and improving efficiency and process harmonization.  He is responsible for ensuring IT investments are optimized across Global offices and aligned with company objectives, ensuring that these investments deliver value.

As a failed Bollywood sensation,  Divesh takes solace in that he at least resembles one of their finest.  In terms of genre of film though, sci-fi reigns supreme including the works of “Battlestar Gallactica”, “Doctor Who” and of course if you needed to ask, his choice would be Picard.

Having lived on 4 different continents, Divesh has a strong passion for travel and culture. He continues to be an avid traveler and enjoys sharing stories of his travel adventures.

Divesh Mirani is based in Toronto, Canada and can be found on the typical social media hangouts listed below:

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