Time to Clean Up Our Tech Jargon …

In the new digital age, companies must invest in bleeding edge technologies and innovate through the use of big data in cloud based ecosystems if they want to cause digital disruption and proliferation in the market place.” – Someone seemingly smart

I get it. We’re goldfish! The modern consumer within has the same attention span as “Goldie”, your adorable first pet. What do we want, oh not much, but here are just a few things on the wish list;

  • Instant gratification
  • Personalized communication
  • Speed and quality customer service that is 24/7

The verbiage on your press release, email, brochure, website or tweet has a very limited window of time to grab our attention and impress before we are lost in the ether of the internet. But at some point, the industry whipped itself into a linguistic frenzy and adopted some buzzwords that we should probably reconsider.

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