The Starbucks Experience: Customer Service Success in a New Digital Age


The first hour and a half of my day advances like clockwork. After the initial snooze battle with my alarm clock, I concede defeat and get ready to head to work. I join the busy queue of coffee enthusiasts looking to inject life into their day with that first cup of coffee. Standing at the back of the queue, I make eye contact with the barista. She smiles and gives me that knowing look. I smile and nod back to confirm my order. I get to the front of the line and exchange the morning pleasantries while I swipe my phone across the scanner to make my digital payment. The barista continues our running joke from last month and asks who I want to be today. I say I feel like Aquaman today. We laugh as she begins to scribble on my cup.


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Will Facebook’s new “Buy” button be a success?


Last week, Facebook announced that it has begun testing a new feature that would allow businesses to procure payments from consumers directly on Facebook via desktop or mobile devices. The new feature essentially allows users to use a new “Buy” button to purchase a product directly from small to medium sized businesses without leaving the social network.

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Facebook Emotion Expirement


If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world with a population of over 1 billion. I would imagine it to secretly spy on its citizens, reading their personal communication and conducting secret experimental tests. The government would change laws and regulations frequently without notice or hesitation.

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What is it with the Telecom Industry?

I dialed the customer support line with conviction and purpose. I had been a customer for 3 and a half years and during that time, I could not recall a customer service experience that I would consider passable. I braced myself as I hit the dial button. When did my expectations drop so low? Any glimmer of hope at a swift resolution was gradually destroyed over the course of the one hour and eight minute long phone call. In what I can only compare to the plot line of Groundhog’s day – I interacted with 6 different customer service agents, each time having to restate my problem. Continue reading