Wearable Tech … Oh yes, it’s happening …

It was the early summer of 2013.  The birds were chirping their lovely songs of summer amidst a backdrop of lush greens and a big blue sky that pushed away all the doldrums of a cold gray winter.  In my mind though, there was one pronounced, recurring thought…I’M BUYING A NEW CAR!!!   Looking back, it’s like a fond memory, filled with excitement, joy, a buzzing feeling in my stomach as I pondered all of the options both foreign and domestic.  I picked up Zoey, my new love at an ungodly hour after a long business trip.  Yes, I named my new car after my favourite TV star, Zoey from “New Girl” – don’t you dare judge me 😉  It was a lovely time, and owning a car led to new and interesting new choices.  The most immediate was a money saving gizmo offered up by my insurance company.  “Just hook this up to your car and we’ll give you a 10% discount” she said.   She explained how this little device was going to track me, my distance travelled, my acceleration and braking style.  Wow…creepy.  The data gathered was going to allow them to revolutionize the current car insurance model and customize it to me, Divesh, an insurance offering all my own.  Of course I would forfeit the anonymity of my stellar driving skills, minus the wagon turns and of course, more importantly I’d have to mask the occasional road rage warrior that I have managed in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde way for quite some time now.  But 10-12% discount, totally fair right?!


Okay so let’s carry this concept into the future.  Imagine a slightly less exciting purchase decision to be made, that of Health Insurance.  Yep, hold onto your hats.  If you’ve had the pleasure of this traditional shopping exercise, you would have undoubtedly come across the smorgasbord of info needed to deliver an accurate rate for your new health underwriter.  Alas, this is the not too distant future, so I stumble upon something slightly more interesting than my occasional drink questionnaire, the ability to upload data from my smart watch/fitness tracker.  So another ingenious device/gizmo that allows the monitoring of your daily activity, heart rate, blood pressure, carbon dioxide blood level, etc.  This would allow me to get a personalized rate, reserved for other fitness gods alike.  Don’t have a smart watch/health doohickey, no problem, a click of check box, overnight night delivers via Amazon’s newly functioning delivery drone.  Within a week, I’m getting a personalized “Divesh Only” custom rate, too bad Zoey wasn’t here to witness it, as we would have been wearable tech buddies.   This is closer than you and I may think but the age of wearable tech and possible implanted tech is going to drive many optimized versions of ourselves.


Wearable Tech is Ramping Up

Love it or hate it – Wearable tech is here to stay. Companies like Google, Samsung and Apple are getting better and better at selling ecosystems of technology products. Connect your phone to your laptop to your TV to your Watch to the cloud!! Wearable tech isn’t just the new addition to that ecosystem; once labeled bulky, buggy, and “niche” – the new generations of technology products are both functional and sexy. That’s right, wearable tech is becoming quite the fashion accessory.



Source: Small Shop Social


2013 and 2014 has seen numerous big players move into the wearable tech space. Samsung was one of the first movers in the market and already boasts a dedicated  product line of wearable tech products. Google has been making a splash with Google Glass and Apple is finally making its long awaiting debut in the wearable tech market with the iWatch which is expected to release in October. While some of the initial builds are still buggy or a clear “version 1”, tech providers are moving quickly to offer product revisions and patches. According to recent research conducted by CISCO, the adoption rate is going to be huge.


Source: Cisco VNI Mobile Forecast, 2013-2018


 Wearable Tech … Have your say!

3 thoughts on “Wearable Tech … Oh yes, it’s happening …

  1. Wait until the 2 start working together and your car insurance rate changes on an hourly basis based on your health! Got a cold? Rates goes up: you’re more likely to get into an accident. Got a good long nighht’s sleep, rate goes down.

  2. Ever seen the movie “Logan’s Run” that’s the ultimate in Wearable Technology… although it has a limited lifespan in people.

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